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Smartphone shipments dip in China for Q3, led by Huawei decline

China was the first major global smartphone market to rebound from the early days of the COVID19 pa
TaoCang Art Centre in Jiaxing, China by RoarcRenew.

Like a phoenix about to take flight TaoCang Art Centre in Jiaxing China by Roarc Renew is a trium
No Matter Who Wins the U.S. Election, Relations With China Are at a Crossroads

The US has never faced a rival that can compete as China can
News 10.28.20 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

The story of an awakening must begin with how many had been permitted to sleep in the first plac
Why ‘Communist’ Watches Are Just As Cool As Their Swiss Cousins

During the Cold War the Swiss were deathly afraid that they would be invaded by members of t
Why ‘Communist’ Watches Are Just As Cool As Their Capitalist Cousins

During the Cold War the Swiss were deathly afraid that they would be invaded by members of t
Huawei reports slowing growth as its operations ‘face significant challenges’

Huawei announced earnings results today showing that its growth has slowed significantly this year a
What to do in Macao

Macao is similar to Hong Kong in that it has special status allowing it to rule itself separate fro
Hong Kong trip costs: prices, daily budget and how to save

Is Hong Kong expensive How much does it cost to travel to Hong Kong Those are the two most common
China’s digital yuan tests leap forward in Shenzhen

Shenzhen known for its maker community and manufacturing resources is taking the lead in trialing
China joins global vaccine alliance, filling “leadership vacuum” left by Trump

China joins around 170 other countries leaving the US and Russia on the sidelines
Hong Kong logistics unicorn Lalamove unveils foray into the US

Lalamove an ondemand logistics service active in China Southeast Asia and Latin America has offi
Hannah Weinberger at Fitzpatrick

ArtistHannah Weinberger Presented By Fitzpatrick Gallery Produced By The Performance Agency Ho
Holy Fire Lit Place in China by URBANUS Architecture.

Beijing 038 Shenzhenbased Architecture Practice URBANUS redesigned the former Xihoudu holy fire
‘World’s Coolest Neighbourhood’ Rankings Uncovers 2020’s Brightest Silver Lining

The worlds coolest neighbourhoods for 2020 have just been revealed and the ranking shows a
Bricks Decoded: Typography with Bricks.

On our journey of Bricks Decoded weve done a deepdive into the vast and almost endless capabili
Highland Star Chef Restaurant in Shenzhen by JG Phoenix.

Located at the top floor of the Shenzhens Yanhan Highland infrastructure the Highland Star Chef
Microsoft boots apps out of Azure used by China-sponsored hackers

Active Directory apps used for commandandcontrol infrastructure are no more
Why is Grindr suddenly banning random subscribers?

A number of men who use the app have reported mysterious bans
Louisa Gagliardi at Antenna Space

ArtistLouisa Gagliardi VenueAntenna Space Shanghai Exhibition TitleWishful Thinking Date

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